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Our Unit is Registered From Himachal Pradesh State Khadi & Village Industries Board. Under Regd. No.1040

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About Us

     It was our over-whelming faith in superb curing powers of natural herbs, which led to the birth of Hill Queen. Launched at a very moderate scale, with just two Products, we have been able to introduce nearly 100 Products, so far.

     It was simply the super quality of all our Products, which resulted in fantastic mass response, and, encouraged us to diversify our range of Products, and, we have been able to capture a respectable market, in all parts of the Country, and, we are not for away from joining the International arena. All this was possible because, we never compromised with the Quality, and, from the very beginning, we took the Policy Decision, to bring out only the super quality hygienic Products, and, never the sub-standard ones.

     It was our this commitment to the quality, that we decided to locate our Production Unit, in the very beautiful Kangra Valley of Himachal Pradesh (Dev Bhumi), which is abundant with natural herbs, and, has the very clean, pollution-free environment. In addition to this, our Pharmacy is G.M.P. Certified Pharmacy and we manufacture Ayurvedic Medicines under the G.M.P. Provisions which helps to maintain all the natural quality of herbs, so that the end Products are most effective ones. We introduce all our Products, after extensively testing their practical effectiveness.

     The vital aspect of all our Formulations is that they treat the root cause of the problem, rather than the problem itself. This ensures the permanent treatment of the problems. Our Research and Development Wing is of very high standard. It has been able to develop a number of very high quality new Products, and, is helpful in keeping the quality of the Products at the best possible levels.

     Here, we must not forget to acknowledge, the very encouraging and helpful attitude of the State Agencies (Himachal Pradesh), which have played a very vital role, in the growth of the Herbal Sector, as a whole. We hope, that this helping role will be continued, rather enhanced.

     Now, we are all prepared for a big leap forward. In the very near future, we plan to introduce a very large range of Ayurvedic Medicines, which are going to be of the highest possible quality, for which Hill Queen is so famous.

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